Along with many things in life , change is inevitable. The sooner you, we and I can come to terms with this , the easier life will become. Sometimes in life things happen, situations occur, jobs are lost, a pandemic occurs, a career change, growing family, a tragic loss. When these things happen, we can let the circumstance takes us down too, or we can see how we can find a way out. 

This collection is to inspire change. To motivate and inspire the next person to do the next best thing. There are times that we can have the power to change a situation that we are in, there are times when things happen without our consent.

The times we can have control,  we can’t sit here be expect everyone to make the changes for us, we have to make the change ourselves. To be the change we wish to see . 

FOR US HERE AT CO.CLOTHING, WE ARE HERE TO MAKE A CHANGE IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY. We are here to shape a new world where fashion doesn’t have to come at the expense of our workers or our planet. 

Are you ready for a challenge?  


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